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Have you ever had an employee who was experienced but also completely fine with coasting through their job? What do you do with these “Fat and Happy” employees, and how can you look for motivated talent in the hiring process? Find out the answers in this episode with Chantel, Heather, and Brian!

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Chantel Ray: Welcome to the Real Life Leadership podcast where we share real life stories from real life leaders for you to become a better leader. I'm so excited. We are here with Heather Roemmich and Brian Dell'Olio and today we are talking about being fat and happy.

Heather: I mean, who wouldn't want to be fat and happy.

Chantel Ray: I don't.

Brian: Sounds great to me.

Chantel Ray: I absolutely don't. Like, that would be the worst thing for someone to say is, she's fat and happy. I'd rather you say she's skinny and miserable all day long. Oh, gosh. Okay. So anyway, we're talking about who to look for when you're hiring, and you absolutely don't want someone who's fat and happy.

Heather: Yeah, so basically somebody who, when we say somebody who is fat and happy, there's somebody who is in a position where they are making compensation that is kind of equaling their wants and needs and they've already done all the hard work. They've been at company probably for years. They've worked their way up into this position. They're in a position where they can just kind of go to work everyday and enjoy it. They don't have to work hard.

Chantel Ray: We had a guy who was in the medical, he wanted to become in real estate and he was in the medical sales field. He was making $200,000 in medical sales. He'd been doing it for 20 years, and just got tired of all the traveling and he wanted to move over and into the field of real estate. And he was just, I mean, it was very easy to him, what he did everyday in medical sales. Once you've been doing it 20 years, it's so easy.

Brian: You've got it down.

Chantel Ray: Yeah, you've got it down.

Heather: Yeah, so basically, and so what happens is, is, especially when you have a growing business, or when you're starting new locations, or starting new areas, or you're just moving into a whole new field, you have to start over. And, when you have to start over, it takes work. It's a grit. You have to have grit. There's a grind every day. It takes extra hours. Where you may have been able to work 40 hours a week. There's extra work on your part that you're doing, pouring into yourself, to learn, to grow and to get things done. And so, basically, your natural instinct when recruiting is, okay, I want to find someone who's really experienced, right Ryan, right? You look for people everyday. What are you looking for?

Brian: You're looking for somebody who has years of experience in leadership. They've done all the hard work, right? They have the proven track record, they have all the metrics that that you'd want on a resume, right? And in theory, this person is going to be able to slide right into a leadership position, a high level leadership position in the company and just be able to kill it right out of the gate.

Heather: Right. But what do we typically see?

Brian: So, what ends up happening, right, is that they come in, and the fact that they're often making, if they are making a career change, if they were in another industry before, and they're coming to real estate, there's so much that they're having to learn, right, that it's almost like starting again at the bottom, and it takes so much of that grit that we were just talking about to get themselves back up to that same point. And, when they're fat and happy, they just don't want-

Heather: They don't want to do it.

Brian: When they're used to being fat and happy, they just don't want to do it.

Chantel Ray: I think the best person that you can hire that that I've seen so far is somebody who has one year experience, right? Because it is hard when, I mean, we've seen it, if you have someone who has zero experience into your field, then the people don't, they don't know what they're doing. They are unsure. They don't have that confidence. So, that's a problem. But, the people who have one year experience in whatever your field is, and they are a super high D, they're very hungry. They've got lots of grit. That's the person that comes in and they are a rock star.

Brian: That one year of experience gives them just enough credibility with their followers as well. But, they're young enough and early enough in their career that they're hungry, and they have that grit to grow and [crosstalk 00:03:57]

Chantel Ray: Yeah. We hired a managing partner who had zero experience, and he didn't have the confidence and, the other people under him were like, well, he's never done a deal, and they felt like he couldn't relate.

Heather: Right. Or, answer their questions, or they just didn't know. But, you also have to look at the work required. So, when somebody ... we've had vendors, right, who have been with us for a really long time, and have kind of gotten in that fat and happy state. They're just used to business coming to them, right? When they first came with us, they're like, oh, you give us any lead. We'll talk to any person, we don't care-

Chantel Ray: Oh yes, we had a lender like that. We had a guy. He was like, I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Heather: Yeah. Just let me in your business, right? I don't care if they're qualified, not qualified. I will work that lead. Well after some time, after several years, they're tired of working those leads, and so now they're like, only send me prequalified business. If they're ready to sign on the dotted line, send those to me. Otherwise, don't even send them to us. We're tired of answering the harder leads to convert.

Chantel Ray: Yeah. Well, there's two other ways like in my business, so if our lender, they could get two different types of leads. One is from our call center, right? Where this is just kind of a cold lead. They're trying to get them prequalified and preapproved and build trust. That's a lot harder deal to work than someone who has an agent who their best friend is looking to buy a house and they say, you've got to use my lender Bob, who's fantastic. Those are two different types of leads, and our lender got to the point where he only wanted to work with the friend of the lead.

Heather: The friend lead, yeah.

Chantel Ray: And, because that's so much easier. It's a lay down lead. They didn't even want to work with the other leads, and we went to the person's manager and we were like, look, he doesn't want to work these leads anymore. He literally came to the point where we had 1500 leads. He's like, I don't even want to work those leads. We had 1500 leads that he didn't even want to work because he was like, I'm fat and happy with these ones that are laid out, why do I want to, it's the low hanging fruit. They only wanted to get the low hanging fruit. Anything that even had to give a little bit of a shot to the arm, they were like, I don't want it. And it's sad, but it's true. We all get that way.

Heather: Yeah, and when you have somebody like that, whether it's an employee or a relationship partner, whatever it is, they are stunting your growth. You will, in a year from now, when you look at that person and say, all right, if we hire this person, what is it going to look like in a year? You're going to be in the exact same spot you are right now.

Chantel Ray: Well, we had an office that had somebody for a couple months that was fat and happy. There was no growth. They didn't do anything. We hired somebody who was one year in the business and they had grit. They were hungry and they were driven and within 15 days it was like night and day difference.

Heather: Yeah, and that's why you want to look for those upcoming stars, because they are what is going to propel your business. Give them a chance. Stop looking on the resume for people with tons and tons and tons of experience. We want people who are going to get in the trenches and build our businesses.

Brian: Look for that high potential candidate that is just waiting for their breakthrough opportunity.

Chantel Ray: Yep. No more fat and happy, we want people hungry, driven, and have grit.

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